2016 Solar Wind Sherpas

The Solar Wind Sherpas, an international team of scientists and explorers led by Professor Shadia Habbal (IfA, Hawaii), travel the world to observe and collect data on Total Solar Eclipses.  The name ‘sherpas’ is appropriately given due to the massive amount of equipment the team brings to each of the (usually remote) observing sites.

To date, the Solar Wind Sherpas have traveled to 14 locations to observe total solar eclipses:

  • 2016 March 9, Indonesia
  • 2015 March 20, Svalbard
  • 2013 November 3, Kenya
  • 2012 November 13, Australia
  • 2010 July 11, Tatakoto
  • 2009 July 22, Marshall Islands
  • 2008 August 1, China
  • 2006 March 29, Libya
  • 2002 December 4, South Africa
  • 2001 June 21, Zambia
  • 1999 August 11, Syria
  • 1998 February 26, Antigua/Guadalupe
  • 1997 March 9, Mongolia
  • 1995 October 24, India


Team Lead: 

Professor Shadia Habbal, Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii, USA

Team Members (In alphabetical order):

  • Ms. Nathalia Alzate, Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK
  • Dr. Martina B. Arndt, Bridgewater State University, USA
  • Mr. Petr Aniol, Astelco, Germany
  • Mr. Benjamin Boe, Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii, USA
  • Dr. Adalbert Ding, Technical University & Inst. Fur Technische Physik, Germany
  • Mr. Martin Dietzel
  • Dr. Miloslav, Druckmueller, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
  • Dr. Jana Hoderova, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
  • Mr. Petr Horalek, Czech Republic
  • Mr. Judd Johnson, Electricon, USA
  • Mr. Duncan Martin
  • Dr. Huw Morgan, Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK
  • Mr. Garry Nitta, Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii, USA
  • Jan Sladecek
  • Dr. Pavel Starha, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
  • Mr. Petr Starha, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Eclipse local and travel organizer:

Xavier Jubier, Member of the IAU Working Group on Solar Eclipses, Solar and Lunar Eclipse Google Maps and Google Earth files (Inventor, 12 years)


S1 Group on Plun Island – Standing left to right: Judd Johnson, Peter Aniol, Adi Ding, Shadia Habbal; Sitting left to right:  Pavel Starha, Duncan Martin, Martin Dietzel, Naty Alzate
S3 Group at Kartika Buli – Left to right:  Jana Hoderova, Petr Starha, Garry Nitta

S2 Group at Maba – Left to right:  Ben Boe, Jan Sladecek, Petr Horalek

Xavier Jubier



The author of this blog would like to acknowledge support for the eclipse expedition to Indonesia which was provided by NSF grants AGS-1144913 and AGS-1255894, NASA grant NNX13AG11G to PI Shadia R Habbal of the Institute for Astronomy, the University of Hawaii, ANTAM Metals and Mining Company in Indonesia and the use of the local government building in Maba, with help from Xavier Jubier of the IAU Working Group on Solar Eclipses, without whom this expedition would not have been made possible.