We leave for the airport very early to catch our flight to Jakarta. With so much luggage and equipment to check in, the flight is delayed because of us. Once on the plane, we are able to relax for about 3 hours. The noise from the cameras lets me know the others are taking the last set of pictures of Indonesia just as I am. The view from the plane is a spectacular one of the islands, towns and volcanoes that make up the country. With a final picture and a subtle wave goodbye as the clouds take over, we prepare for landing. At the airport in Jakarta, we say our goodbyes and part ways. The Hawaii group has a couple of hours before their flight, the team members flying to the Czech Republic have flights later that day, Peter A. (Germany) and I (UK) don’t have flights until the night so we go hang out the rest of the day. Amidst the exhaustion, a sense of accomplishment, frustration and nostalgia creeps in. Counting the hours until we each reach our respective homes and feeling anxious about sorting through the data collected we conclude this expedition and look forward to our next TSE together…USA 2017!!!

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