Most team members are ready to head back. For me, despite the inconveniences, I will miss this island. The rustic accommodation, the simplicity of everything, the sound of the waves at night, the sand everywhere, the isolation and the unbearable heat have made this an unforgettable experience of reflection and personal growth.

We pack under perfect skies. Where was this sky yesterday? With frustration, we carry on with the packing. The island is cleared of tourists and part of the staff has left. The island is slowly becoming uninhabited once again. With all the equipment and luggage ready we wait for the speedboat to arrive. We take advantage of the moment and swim one last time. We take a few last pictures and say our goodbyes to the staff when the boat arrives. We wave to them from the boat and watch Plun Island disappear in the distance.

Back at the Kartika Buli resort, everyone is happy to be back, looking forward to a quiet night and “real” showers. For a couple of us, nostalgia hits. We even miss the loud generator during the night!

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